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Recently in Bandung (09 Feb 08), West Java, Indonesia, 10 people were killed in a rock concert. A new rock/trash metal band called Beside Band held a concert in a small venue, designed for only 500 people, but more than a thousand showed up. Rumor says the band personnels distributed alcohol to the audience before the concert begun. Can you imagine what happened next? With all the ingredient for chaos available, followed heavy moshing, diving, whatever they call it, people fell down and got trampled.

The 10 people dead were very young, age around 20 years old. That’s just so sad. This is exactly why Islam says be careful when it comes to music.

story in Jakarta Post.

“The victim, identified as Entis Sutisna, 23, was a friend of Diki Zaelani Shidieq, who also died in the stampede. They worked together at the Gicitex textile factory in Leuwigajah, Cimahi.

Entis suffered extensive injuries in the stampede, including bruising to his torso and chest.

The stampede occurred during a concert at the Asia Africa Cultural Center (photos of the venue) on Jl. Braga in the West Java capital, held to launch BESIDE‘s latest album, “Against Ourselves”.

Eleven people died when gatecrashers reportedly forced their way into the hall, which was already packed with paying customers.
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I pray for all the victims, and pray that nothing like this will ever happen again in the future. Amen. Innalilllaahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’uun.