This is the video section. Lectures, discussions, interviews, and other Islamic vids.

Yusuf Estes – 135 Shahadahs
Shiekh Yusuf Estes answers some of the questions posed by audience
Learn here about this form of da’wah they recieved from this brother that brought Brother Estes, his wife, father and a Catholic Priest to Islam.
Mashallah, 135 People accepted Islam after this lecture

Why Heaven & Hell?
Why Heaven (Jannah) & Hell (Jahannum)? Yusuf Estes
people with knowledge, choice to use it.
On the Day of Judgment, no one to blame. Amaal salihaat righteous deeds defense on Day of Judgment.

The powerful message of Phrophet Muhammed (SAW)
This is a clip taken from a lecture of Shaykh Khalid Yasin, Muhammed (the man and his message.)

Learn Arabic, Learn Qur’an, and Don’t be a Junior Scholar!
Sheikh Yusuf Estes gives some of his most basic advice to Muslims. He tells us, among other things, not to speak without knowledge. He aims this specifically at Islam’s youth.

Some Muslims Need to Lose the Taliban Mentality!
A short clip of “Islam: Past, Present and Future” by Abdullah Hakim Quick.
What are the 73 Sects & Are Shia’s Muslim?
A Video explaining what are the ’73 sects’ issue and are Shias part of the Islamic faith.

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